Web Site Design

   • Domain Name Selection and Acquisition
   • Web Site Consultation, Design, Setup
   • Web Site Updates and Maintenance
   • Web Site Audio and Video
   • Email Setup and Configuration

Kennebunk Computer provides small business customers with complete “turn-key” web site packages. We can put a web site on the Internet to work for your business seven days a week. We handle all the details, start to finish, with local service and support. Email us for more information.


Web Site Hosting

   • Customized Hosting Packages
   • Customized Email, Live Chat, BBS, Blogs
   • High Reliability Servers
   • Local Sales and Support

The World Wide Web is a huge collection of web sites, all hosted on computers ( called web servers ) all over the world. The web server where your web site is known as the web host.
Kennebunk Computer provides high reliability 24/7 customized web hosting for your web site. Unlike may other companies we provide local sales and support.


Web Site Advertising

   • Search Engine Submission and Optimization
   • Web Advertising Consultation

As part of our web site design package, we submit your web site name and content information to many of the major internet search engines. This guarantees your site will be found on the net through search sites such as Google. We can also help you with paid internet advertising, including 'Pay Per Click' sites.